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Phishing Email Examples


by Sanjeev


Aug 3, 2022

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Phishing email is an attempt by the scammer to get the recipient to reveal valuable information about himself. Some phishing email examples are discussed below.

Phishing Email Example 1

Sometime back I received an email which was supposedly sent by my email server. The email is shown below

Phishing email example 1

Why this is an example of phishing email?

This email has been sent from a domain Any email that was sent from my email server should have had my domain name. is not my domain name. Its like gmail sending email notification to you from some domain.

“Phishing email” is written all over it.

This is a phishing email example which also contains a dangerous link within the email body. The malafide hyperlink link can be seen when you hover over it as shown below

Phishing email example 1 link

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