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About Us

If humans were islands that did not interact with anyone at all, there would be no need to be cautious. However, being Cautious and ensuring own Security becomes necessary as soon as one starts to interact with other people – directly or in directly.

This is more applicable for our computer and online usage, since we do not really see the people we may interact with. Need for security in the virtual world cannot be over emphasised.

This website is dedicated to helping people tread the online world safely and securely. Here you’ll find resources that train you and enable you to protect yourself online from online thieves, scammers, and phishers. Here you'll also find interesting articles and email communications that show the way scammers try to defraud you.

We also look forward to your suggestions and feedback about the website to make the online world a safe place for all. You can get in touch with us through the contact us page.


Our Approach to Online Security & Prevention

Our approach to cyber security is simple and straightforward:

Identify: Identify the possible trouble spots – ways in which your online security can be compromised

Protect: Take steps to protect yourself against each of the so identified possible ways in which your online secuity is vulnerable

Detect: Always be vigilant and detect if your systems have been compromised despite the protection.

Respond: Quickly take action to counter any security breaches that have occured in the online security.