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Not A Phishing Email: An Example

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There are phishing emails and then there are emails that do not fall in that category. A phishing email tries to get you to disclose some information about yourself. The information could be related to your finances or your identity.

It is extremely important for us to be able to identify if an email is phishing for information, that is, if it is a phishing email or not.

Below is an email that in my opinion is not an example of phishing email

not phishing email example

 Why is it not a phishing email?

To verify the authenticity of the email and confirmation if it is not a phishing email, take the cursor to the link – in this case the link is Click here.

When you take cursor to the link, you find that the domain that the link points to is the same as the domain from which the email has originated – that is the email server and the link domain are the same. In this case the domain is

It is therefore same to assume that it is not a phishing email because the domain from which the email has come and the click domain are same.

not phishing email examples

While it may be possible for a scammer to spoof the from email domain, however the real test is – does the link in the email point to the same domain. If the link has the same domain, one can be reasonably sure that the link you click on is genuine.

So what happened when I clicked on the link Click here?

I landed up at this page.

safe browser warning

This proved to me that it was not a phishing email

And of course in the bargain I got unsubscribed! undecided


Another test to verify if the email is a possible fraud

When I think that the email or the links in it could be fradulent, I open the web browser and type the domain that the link points to. In this case, the domain in the email link is

When I typed this domain in the browser, I was taken to:

As can be seen, this is the Domios Pizza website. It reassured me that the email was genuine.

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