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Viktor Zubkov: Chairman of Gazprom

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dFew days back, I received an email from a person who claimed to Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Russia. Below, you'll find my communication with him. My comments are in red.

The email from Mr. “Viktor Zubkov”

—–Original Message—– From: Mr.Viktor Zubkov <> Sent: 06 August 2022 05:22 To: Recipients <> (To recipients – my antenna was alerted that it is not a genuine email)

Subject: URGENT REPLY NEEDED! (Another red herring – URGENT REPLY NNEEDED!)

Good Day,

I am Mr. Viktor Zubkov an investor and a director with Gazprom Russia. Considering the current economic sanctions melted (melted??) on Russia by some European countries and

United States of America which is seriously affecting us now, I'm soliciting for your consent transfer Sixty eight Million Dollars ($68M) (I am so used to these emails now, that these days I sneeze at a few Million Dollars talk!) investment funds deposited with an American bank into your personal bank account for investment and also to escape confiscation by USA Government. Please respond back for more details.

Yours Truly,

Mr.Viktor Zubkov

Chairman of the board of directors  Gazprom

My Reply to Mr. “Viktor Zubkov”

Sanjeev Sharma <>

To: (As you click reply, the email address changes)

Sun, 7 Aug at 5:35 pm

Dear Viktor,

I am from India and you can count me as a friend. After all India and Russia are also friends.

You can send me the 68 Million USD for investments.

Sanjeev Sharma

Reply received from “Viktor Zubkov”

Mr. Viktor Zubkov <>
To: Sanjeev Sharma

Sun, 7 Aug at 5:50 pm

My Dear Sanjeev Sharma,

Many thanks for your urgent response to my proposal. I seek to build
trust and extend good business relationships. My aim of contacting you
is first to relocate my fund to safety and secondly to invest the fund
in your Country in real estate and manage it. Like you already know, I
am presently under security watch due to the ongoing war between us
and Ukraine. In view of this, I am totally incapacitated and not in
the position to move around freely or have access to the fund.

I need you to assist me get the funds to your country, invest it and
look after it until I am able to visit. I shall find time to give you
more details about me and family and as well send you proof of
funds.To know more about me you can click on my Wikipedia  (The scammer is trying to gain my trust by directing me to a webpage about the real Viktor Zubkov. Building scam on some facts)

I shall issue you a power of attorney/letter of authorization to
enable you to contact the paying Bank. I hereby offer you 10% from the
total amount of $68M for your involvement and assistance in relocating
the fund.

I want to assure you that the fund transfer will be successfully done
without any inconveniences to you or your country because every
procedure regarding this fund transfer will be handled according to
the confines of the law,I am ready to provide every document to back
up your claim.

Please feel free to ask any question to clarify your curiosity,In your
return mail, I need your full name and contact address telephone
numbers and a copy of your identification to enable us proceed with
the claim from the bank.

I will be looking forward to your earliest response.

Yours Truly,

Mr.Viktor Zubkov
Chairman of the board of directors Gazprom

My reply to “Viktor Zubkov” of Gazprom

Sanjeev Sharma  <>

Mon, 22 Aug at 5:53 pm

Dear Mr. Viktor Zubkov,

Many thanks for your email about the proposal. Also my apologies for the delay in writing back. I was travelling and found little time to check me emails. I have come back to India only yesterday and am now clearing my email inbox.

I will be happy to help. Do let me understand the entire process of the funds transfer.

Also 68 Million US dollars is a lot of money. In India, I'll have to declare the incoming Foreign Currency to the government. What explanation should I give for the money coming into my account? Also I may be required to pay income tax on the money. That alone will be about 33% of the total funds.

Would you suggest that I engage a lawyer or Chartered Accountant to try and minimize the tax burden?

I await your instructions.

best regards

Sanjeev Sharma

I now await his reply. Will keep you all posted

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