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Sextortion Email: Overdue Payment


by Sanjeev


Jul 11, 2022

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Today, I received a sextortion email from someone who claimed many frightening things – frightening, if true. I am, however not scared because I know that what he has written in the email is a pack of lies.

Let us go through the sextortion email and my comments in red so you know what I am talking about.

The sextortion email from an unknown blackmailer

From: my*****@my******.com (email email address changed – it displayed my actual eemail id as if the sender had access to my email account)
Date: 27 Jun 2022 08:14
Subject: There is an overdue payment under your name. Please, settle your debts ASAP. debts? What debt? Did I borrow money from you?

To: my*****@my******.com (he is essentailly sending email to me from me)



Sadly, there are some bad news that you are about to hear.

Kaspersky Anti VirusAbout few months ago I have gained a full access to all devices used by you for internet browsing. (Liar! Liar! Not possible. I use top notch internet security  on all my devices and never click a link from unknown people)

Shortly after, I started recording all internet activities done by you.

Below is the sequence of events of how that happened:

Earlier I purchased from hackers a unique access to diversified email accounts (at the moment, it is really easy to do using internet). (yes, that is sadly true and hence we all must be careful what forms we fill)

As you can see, I managed to log in to your email account without breaking a sweat: (my*****@my******.com). (this is nothing be to be scared about – anyone can send email showing someone's email id with some knowledge about email configuration)

Within one week afterwards, I installed a Trojan virus in your Operating Systems available on all devices that you utilize for logging in your email. (he is bragging and that's ok. Let him)

To be frank, it was somewhat a very easy task (since you were kind enough to open some of links provided in your inbox emails). (he slipped up here. I NEVER do that and you too must NOT do that if you do not know the sender)

I know, you may be thinking now that I'm a genius. (I would not like to say what I think of you, but surely I do not think you're a genius)

With help of that useful software, I am now able to gain access to all the controllers located in your devices (e.g., video camera, keyboard, microphone and others).
As result, managed to download all your photos, personal data, history of web browsing and other info to my servers without any problems. Moreover, I now have access to all accounts in your messengers, social networks, emails, contacts list, chat history – you name it.

My Trojan virus continues refreshing its signatures in a non-stop manner (because it is operated by driver), hence it remains undetected by any antivirus software installed in your PC or device. (An anti virus will scan everything on the computer, drivers included. So stop scaring me. It's not working)

So, I guess now you finally understand the reason why I could never be caught until this very letter…(Man, you get caught when you are able to do something, If you have not been able to do anything, there is no qustion of being caught.)

Sextortion Email Threat

During the process of your personal info compilation, I could not help but notice that you are a huge admirer and regular guest of websites with adult content. (Man,this did it. I have not seen any porn websites in quite a few years now. So it is confirmed that he is a LIAR and there is not any reason to be frightened of.  If you too have not been going to such sites, then you too can safely assume that any such email that you received is empty threat and nothing else. This is a classic sextortion email) You endure a lot of pleasure while checking out porn websites, watching nasty porn movies and reaching breathtaking orgasms.

Let me be frank with you, it was really hard to resist from recording some of those naughty solo scenes with you in main role and compiling them in special videos
that expose your masturbation sessions, which end with you cumming.

In case if you still have doubts, all I need is to click my mouse and all those nasty videos with you will be shared to friends, colleagues, and relatives of yours.
Moreover, nothing stops me from uploading all that hot content online, so all public can watch it too. I sincerely hope, you would really not prefer that to happen, keeping in mind all the dirty things you like to watch, (you certainly know what I mean) it will completely ruin your reputation. (No man, please do publish if you have any such compilation. I don't mind at all)

However, don't worry, there is still a way to resolve this: You need to carry out a $1190 USD (You must be joking, 1190USD? No way will I pay that kind of money to someone who sends such a blatant sextortion email) transfer to my wallet (equivalent amount in bitcoins depending on exchange rate at the moment of funds transfer), hence upon receiving the transaction, I will proceed with deleting all the filthy videos with you in main role. Afterwards, we can forget about this unpleasant accident. Furthermore, I guarantee that all the malicious software will also be erased from your devices and accounts.

Mark my words, I never lie. (The very fact that you claim to have my videos in compromising position, belie your claim that you never lie)

That is a great bargain with a low price, I assure you, because I have spent a lot of effort while recording and tracking down all your activities and dirty deeds during a long period of time. In case if you have no idea how to buy and transfer bitcoins – feel free to check the related info on the internet.

Here is my bitcoin wallet for your reference: 1EKdS2BjXd8BzYtsu8U9nQmpcygCjGCjZx

From now on, you have only 48 hours and countdown has started once you opened this very email (in other words, 2 days).

The following list contains things you should definitely abstain from doing or even attempting:

> Abstain from trying to reply this email (since the email is generated inside your inbox alongside with return address).
> Abstain from trying to call or report to police or any other security services. In addition, it's a bad idea if you want to share it with your friends, hoping they would help. If I happen to find out (knowing my awesome skills, it can be done effortlessly,
because I have all your devices and accounts under my control and unceasing observation) – kinky videos of yours will be share to public the same day.
> Abstain from trying to look for me – that would not lead anywhere either. Cryptocurrency transactions are absolutely anonymous and cannot be tracked.
> Abstain from reinstalling your OS on devices or throwing them away. That would not solve the problem as well, since all your personal videos are already uploaded and stored at remote servers.

Things you may be confused about:

> That your funds transfer won't be delivered to me. Chill, I can track down any transactions right away, so upon funds transfer I will receive a notification as well,
since I still control your devices (my trojan virus has ability of controlling all processes remotely, just like TeamViewer).
> That I am going to share your dirty videos after receiving money transfer from you.
Here you need to trust me, because there is absolutely no point to still bother you after receiving money. Moreover, if I really wanted all those videos would be available to public long time ago!

I believe we can still handle this situation on fair terms!

Here is my last advice to you… in future you better ensure you stay away from this kind of situations!

My advice – don't forget to regularly update your passwords to feel completely secure. (well that is my advice to all as well. Use antivirus on your systems. Do not click on  links in emails from unknown senders or open attachments if you do not have antivirus on your devices)

My advice if you receive such sextortion Email

Ingore. The sextortion email sender has nothing on you. You can be 100% sure as long as you:

1. Use an anti virus on your system

2. Avoid opening attachments in emails from unknown senders

3. Do not click on links in emails from unknown senders without the protection of anti virus on your device.

On lighter note I have one more advice: If you do none of the above three, cover the device camera all the time!



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