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IMF Company? Who Calls IMF That?

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A person claiming to represent IMF Company sent me an email offering me 5 Million US Dollars!

My first reaction was – who in his right mind would call IMF or International Monitory Fund as IMF Company? That in itself got my phishing antenna whirring.

On top of that the email was addressed to undisclosed-recipients and the reply to email was different from the email used to send the message – two classic red herrings that indicate the email to be a phishing email.

Anyway, who am I to complaint? I love such emails. Given below is my communication with Jonathan Brown, the sender who claimed to be IMF Manager.. My comments are as usual in red.

Email from Jonathan Brown of IMG Company

From: IMF Company <> Sent: 14 January 2023 01:16
To: undisclosed-recipients: (Undisclosed recepients? Seriously??  It is screaming that I am a phishing email)
Subject: Attention dear…….

Attention dear…….

My name is Jonathan Brown from lMF company USA..
I would like you to know that you have a package in my
company here,
The package was sent to my office by lMF company compensation,
The package contained funds worth sum of $5
million dollars USD and a car.. (Car? This is the first. Seriously. I have never heard of a car being part of the package for delivery)

NOTED:: All you need do now is to forward us your info correctly to
prevent wrong delivery,

The delivery is ready now and you will receive
your package within 24hours if you follow my instruction all the

given..Therefore you need to contact as soon as you
receive this message,

Fill out below information:

(1) Full names —(names? I have only one name. What should I do now? It is these mistakes that must raise our antenna)
(2)Phone line —
(3) Country —–
(4) Age/sex —–
(6)Home address:–

Be regards
Jonathan Brown
lMF Manager

I am sure you'll agree that a sum of $5
million dollars USD and a car are not something to be sneezed at.  What could I do but write back? 

My email to IMF Company Manager

My Assumed name <>
21:43 (0 minutes ago)
to imfcompany345 (reply to email is different)

Dear Jonathan

Thank you bery much for your email I am obligated.
I am happy to find that you got 5 million US dollar and a car for me. What car is it? I am quite old to drive a car. But I am sure my grandson will jump at joy knowing there is car coming. (I have tried to have some fun here)

My details are given below. I live now in India. My daughter married an Indian. Children don't listen to olders

(1) Full names — My assumed name
(2)Phone line — 1234567890
(3) Country —– India
(4) Age/sex —–Male
(6)Home address:– xx-ygfgh, Basant Koonj, New Delhi, India

Send me noney fast. I want to go Canada Back


My assumed name

I'd like to add here that there is a Fraud Alert issued by IMF on their websiet just as the United Nations has one their website. You can read the IMF Fraud Alert here.

I received the following reply from the IMF Company Manager.

IMF Company <>
15 Jan 2023, 21:48
to me

Mr aksjdwcnnc$%@ how are you doing
All the necessary arrangements concerning how to proceed with your delivery has been done but what is holding us here is the delivery fee being $150 once the payment is made we proceed immediately (Ah! Cheap fellow. Asking for just $150. But imagine, if he can dupe just one person a day, that is $4500 free money a month. And I am sure it must all be automated)

Best regards
Jonathan Brown
lMF Manager

A couple of hours later he sent another email

IMF Company <>
15 Jan 2023, 23:42
to me

Are you there?

What the hell. He expected me to be so excited about 5 Million dollars that I'd be be waiting in front of the computer to receive his email and reply immediately.

Well, I am sorry to have disappointed him.

My reply to Johnathan of IMF Company

My Assumed Name
21:11 (4 minutes ago)
to IMF

Dear Jonathan

Sorry, for the late reply. I was unwell. Got flu. Now I am fine. I did not see email all these days. I did not want other people to know that I am getting so much money.

I do not have bank account here. My bank account is in Canada. So cannot send 150 dollars. You deduct that from my funds and send me the rest. Or when I get the money I'll send you 1500 dollars. As my thank you. Also how will you send the car?

I am yours

My Assumed Name

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