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Felicia Howard Shared A Business Proposal

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A person who claimed her name to be Felicia Howard sent me an email with a business proposal.

The email was addressed to undisclosed-recipients and the reply to email was different from the email used to send the message – two classic red herrings that indicate the email to be a phishing email.

Given below is my communication with Felicia Howard. My comments are as usual in red.

Email from Felicia howard

—–Original Message—–
From: Felicia Howard <> (Email sent from a service provider in Lithuania)
Sent: 30 December 2022 00:45
To: undisclosed-recipients: (This indicates a possible phishing email when coming from  an unknown person)

Subject: Hello Dear

Dear Sir/Ma, (surely she does not mean mother. She either meant mam or madam. Spelling mistakes such as these are red herrings)

I am contacting you to know if you have any profitable business/project in your region that we could invest into through you as our partner.

I have a partner who has a serious client, who is looking to invest in your country as your reputable profile (My reputable profile? Has reached the dark net?) will give me the impression that you are suitable for this partnership, Please indicate your interest for additional information. (“will give me the impression?” I thought my reputable profile HAS already given you the impression that I am a good investment and hence this email)

Kindly send me details about your project via this email:


Felicia Howard.

At my age when someone offers to invest in my business, I jump at it. So I wrote back to her.

My email to Felicia Howard

My Name <>

to (Note that the reply to email is different. Clear sign of phishing email.)

Hello Dear Felicia,

Thank you for your email and the offer of investment in my business opportunity.

I am interested to know the details of your offer. Please share.

Also I have some proposals. I will share once I get details from you about your offer. Also how much money can you invest? I will share my business ideas that fall within your budget.

best regards


I received a very quick reply from Felicia Howard to my email. As if she was sitting on her computer just waiting for me to write back.

Reply from Felicia Howard

Felicia Howard
15:30 (1 hour ago)
to me

Dear Collins Nanabijou,

My name is Mrs. Felicia Howard, Lead Consultant and Capital Manager at Optimax Trading Limited; I wish to apologize for any inconveniences as your contact details were obtained courtesy of the British chamber of commerce and industry.

As my job position clearly describes, I have direct contact with virtually all the private investors with Optimax Trading Limited. Having said that, an investor within our firm who goes by the name Igor Ivanovich Sechin who is a Russian oligarch and a government official, considered a close ally and “de facto deputy” of Vladimir Putin. As we all know, so many prominent Russian Millionaires and Billionaires have had their investments and accounts restricted due to the current sanctions.

Optimax as an investment firm in the UK has placed no restrictions on investors' accounts but our partner's bank “CASH BANK UK” has followed suit in suspending all accounts held by Russian citizens and as such affected all our Russia's investors as they are not able to withdraw their investment again.

With the sanctions growing by the day, there is a fear that Optimax might be subjected to following suit in placing Restrictions on Russia's investment accounts. With that said, the investor Mr. Igor Sechin has requested that I broker an investment partnership deal with a trusted and business oriented individual to invest the funds on his behalf.

Thank you,
Felicia Howard
Optimax Trading Limited levelezõ rendszerbõl küldve
Lépj be vagy regisztrálj

Thank you for the information.Thank you for your response.Thank you for your mail.

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